Fields of expertise
Local energy: decentralized energy production
We develop new and more effective solutions for utilizing local energy resources to produce electricity and heat. This will also employ local workforce for different tasks.

We concentrate in power plants with electrical output less than 1 MWe. We develop technical solutions and business models suitable for this niche.

Utilising bioenergy
In implementation of different subsystems we utilize the best available Finnish know-how in bioenergy technology, which was previously used only in bigger powerplants. Now we can offer our experience and required technology also for small and local energy systems.

Cogeneration power and heat
Considering the emissions and the energy efficiency the cogeneration is clearly the most cost effective way to utilize the bioenergy for producing both electricity and heat in locations where it is possible.

Development of new business concepts
The needs of sustainable development in the future set new requirements for both technologies and businesses.
Local energy production calls for new working methods and broader scope of expertise. New business concepts, customized for these requirements, and applicable in the prevailing enviroment, are needed. The end users are typically small in scale: farms, small industries, facilities, housing management companies even residential house owners, who can produce energy besides their main activity or business.
Local energy from renewable resources
Fields of expertise
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