Ekogen Mini CHP
The plant output is 100 kW electric power and 300 kW heat, adding up the annual production as high as 800 MWh
electricity and respectively heat close to 2500 MWh. The plant is suitable for small industries, housing management companies, green houses and district heating companies - principally to all users which can utilize evenly electricy and heat load.

Local energy from renewable resources
Top technology based on research

The micro powerplant running by biomass has been developed under several years of research work at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). The technology of the plant is based on top know-how of combustion and thermal energy, which have been applied to a small scale decentralized energy production - cogeneration of electricity and heat.

The production of electricity in the plant is based on trustworthy technology of microturbines. The manufacturer of the microturbine is company Ansaldo Energia in Italy, which is the biggest producer of microturbines in Europe.

The operation costs of the microturbine are much lower and the reliability better than for instance in internal-combustion engines.

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